On Saturday 25th March seven members from Hastings manned a checkpoint for the County Overland Hike It was very enjoyable, long day we arrived about 9am and finished about 7pm, it was very windy standing in a field just down from Falmer, we had a tent so were able to shelter. Nice social for of us, also kept busy with 50+ teams coming and doing the activity, which was called The Gutter Game.

The Gutter Game involved moving golf balls from one bucket to another using guttering, relay style and was timed. From the feedback they enjoyed it. 15 golf balls, one point per ball moved, team member was not allowed to move their feet while the ball was in their piece of guttering, if they did then the team was sent back to the start line, also if the ball hit the ground, again sent back to the start line. The time allocated for the activity was 5 minutes per team. The guttering we used was different lengths which made it more difficult, but we did ensure each team had the same size pieces.


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