Beaver Scouts are our youngest members. Every week, they gather in groups called Beaver Colonies to hop, skip and jump their way through lots of different games and activities. Achieving anything they set their minds to, and having lots of fun along the way.

What do Beavers get up to?

3rd Hastings Beavers sleepover

Being a Beaver is all about growing and learning in small but mighty ways. You'll spend lots of time outside with your Colony. Together, you might build a den, or go on a trip to the seaside, or host a Beaver sleepover beneath the stars. And even though you might not be ready to climb Mount Everest just yet, you're guaranteed to have plenty of adventures on your own doorstep, because being a Beaver is all about making the most of what you have, wherever and whoever you are. Going to Beavers is very different from going to school. Instead of learning from books, you'll figure the world out by exploring, playing and doing.

The most important skills you'll learn at Beavers are the ones that will make you feel super strong standing on your own two feet. We call these character skills. They include things like integrity, which means being honest and doing what you think is right and initiative which means knowing how to take the lead on something without being asked. It's all about having the courage to try new things and learn from them.

Beavers work as a team to help other people, in their local communities and beyond. Whether they're changing the whole world or helping a friend take the leap to try something new on a rainy Tuesday night, they always lend a hand.

Beaver Badges


From your very first day at Beavers to your last day at Explorers, being a Scout is all about trying new things and steadily growing strong. Start with your membership badge and climb all the way up. You can work towards as many as you like, at your own pace. And by the time you move on to Cubs, you'll have a whole host of achievements under your belt. Are you ready? Let's get stuck in.

Badge Position

There is a range of badges and awards available to young people in Beavers. Below is a diagram showing where each well-earned badge is to be sewn onto your Beaver jumper. Please speak to your leader about the exact uniform required as this can vary from group to group.

Beaver Jumper badge placement
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Ready to start your Adventure?

The first step to joining Beavers is to find your local colony on our groups page. All our groups meet on different days, fill in the contact form on your preferred group and we will be in touch to discuss your options.