At the 3rd Hastings we thrive on adventure, fun and providing life-changing activities and experiences for over 100 young people between the ages of 6 and 14 yrs old, and a whole team of volunteer adults.

Why don't you come and join us?

We currently have spaces for : 

ADULT VOLUNTEERS over 18 : YES - we desperately need your help! 

YOUNG PEOPLE under 18 : NO - sorry not at this moment! 

We are always looking for voluteers to jump in, get muddy & give back! So if you fancy helping us to make a difference in young peoples lives then get in touch!

All our activities are run by volunteers, do you fancy...

  • Trying something new
  • Making friends 
  • Spending time with children – or gaining experience with young people
  • Doing something good for your community and yourself
  • Keep your body and brain active and happy – whether that's by scaling mountains, sharing skills or serving tea 

You'll end up making a huge difference to young people's lives – gifting them with skills for life, and learning a whole lot about yourself along the way.

At the 3rd Hastings we ignore the butterflies and we go for it! We help children and young adults reach their full potential whilst developing the skills they need to succeed, now and in the future. 

Skills such as...

  • teamwork
  • time management
  • leadership
  • initiative
  • planning
  • communication
  • self-motivation
  • cultural awareness
  • commitment 

Alongside all that you'll get to try things you might never get the chance to do and get to work with trained volunteers to achieve whatever you set your mind to.

Sound like fun? That’s because it is.
All that’s missing is you.

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Facebook: @3rdHastingsScoutGroup
Instagram :@3rdhastingsscout


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