1st October, the County Downsman hike took place with 56 teams taking part hiking over the Downs.

With a number of different class’s for difference age groups.

Starting Saturday at Bignor Hill at 5:30am and finishing at Eastbourne at 2:30 (Sunday morning)

With shorter routes for some of the younger members.

With 22 checkpoints, Service areas and road crossing all needing to be manned.

Hastings SAS, the band of 6 gallant members, Loraine & Mike Botten, Sally & Andy Pope, Mike Neeson and myself (Mick Jackson) all started late Saturday morning in a farm yard in Jevington, the second to last stop before Eastbourne.

The afternoon was sunny and while waiting for the first team to arrive. We had put up a shelter and the farmer supplied electricity, so later on we had lighting for the evening.

All the teams were supplied with GPS trackers and we were given access to an app, so we could see where each team were at any moment.

We had 2 teams arrive at about 11pm, one had walked 52miles starting out from home at 4am and the other 35 miles, they only stopped for a few minutes, because they wanted to finish at Eastbourne about 2 miles away.

The gallant band manned the checkpoint up to about 1:30 on Sunday morning when the last team passed though. A long time, but we all enjoyed the get together and chatting.

Looking forward to next year.

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