We have been continuing to put this year's show together over the past few months and are virtually there with the majority of scripts written. Last week Sam and I met up with Sophie & Joe to pass the music over for them to start putting tracks together.

I have had several conversations with White Rock over the past few weeks and they have reopened, they do not have any restrictions on audience or numbers backstage and are pretty much reopening as before COVID. Positive!

However, Scouting is and will continue to operate under restrictions on close contact with no sign of change, making rehearsals and Show week very difficult if not impossible. Add in the 'what ifs' regarding an autumn return of the virus, COVID cases within the cast you can see the dilemma.  

Following discussions and feedback directly from the County Commissioner, the decision was made to postpone the show for another year.  

Of course, we are deeply sad and disappointed however we fully understand and support the reasoning behind this decision.

We have a cracking show ready to go, we will continue to finish off the final few scripts plus Sophie and Joe will continue to put the music and tracks together ready for the BIGGEST, BESTEST SHOW EVER in 2022.

Thank you all for your continued support, hope to see you all soon, take care.

Steve & Sam

Producers Hastings Gang Show 

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