We had a few face to face meetings where we enjoyed making cakes in orange skins on fires outside and had an evening of pirates and smugglers just before Christmas.

Then we were back to Zooming again but with a more encouraging response from the pack. The cubs have enjoyed the Zoom games we have at every meeting and the winners have been rewarded with a small bag of sweets from a party pack. Unfortunately, it cost the winner’s unlucky parents £2.50 in an extra fee for postage! (I had checked that we were in the correct postal criteria but unfortunately the postal service didn’t agree!) I have now have gone back to delivering the prizes during my daily exercise!

Throughout our Zoom meetings the cubs have gained several activity badges. We demoed a rocket balloon and a hot air balloon which was challenging to keep on the screen! We showed how to grow crystals and various other science experiments that they took part in - so they could gain their scientist badge. We made kites to fly in their daily exercise and celebrated the Chinese New Year by making animal fortune tellers. They went towards their artist badge. Our latest meeting was all about pancakes - We all tried to make the smallest pancake using a tin foil case and a candle. They were edible but gone in a mouthful!

Again, our amazing team of leaders have continued to be enthusiastic and so supportive. We have one of our older cubs running games and activities which we think has inspired more cubs to join our Zoom Meetings.

We all still can’t wait to get back to face to face scouting, when we are allowed, but will stay safe in the great outdoors at a distance!

Akela, Baloo, Chil, Hathi, Kaa and King Loui

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