1st Rye Cubs zoomed throughout the lockdown following the school’s Summer Term. We planned 2 programmes in case we were allowed to return to face to face. Alas, it turned out to be just Zoom Meetings! The leaders zoomed to plan what part they had in the Cub meeting every week. One doing games, the other the activity and so on and so forth. The most memorable was when we made dough twists on Zoom. Challenging, as we needed internet connection, but it needed to be safely away from houses! I managed to fall out with my husband as I smoked out our house - the smell lingering for days! (The wind was blowing in the wrong direction and I needed to be near the house to connect to the internet!) We kept losing connection, but some Cubs successfully made the twists with their families and said it was the one of the best zoom meeting!

When scouting in England finally reached amber, we worked hard to plan face to face meetings. All the meetings were outside so we could return in September. We are so pleased we did. The Cubs returned to outside, socially distanced activities and it was our intention to stay outdoors all through the winter. We arranged water sports- windsurfing, kayaking and paddle boarding at our local lake, hiking, bike riding, backwoods cooking and pioneering. It was great seeing the Cubs back enjoying scouting.
Unfortunately, we are now back to zooming – we don’t get a great response but we persevere trying different ideas! We are hoping that we can do face to face again but it will be outdoors! We are also lucky to have amazing team of leaders in Rye that are enthusiastic and always have the Cubs’ best interests at heart, without which none of the above would be possible. And of course the Cubs themselves are fantastic and are always so keen to take part and come up with crazy ideas - always full of fun!
Scouting in Rye is still happening!

Kind regards,
Akela, Baloo, Chil, Hathi, Kaa and King Loui,

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